Four Looks For Your Perfect "I Do"

05-24-2016 12:00 PM

It’s time to pop the champagne – summer is the height of wedding season! From engagement parties to rehearsal dinners, our datebooks are busting at the seams. Mary Kay is thrilled to once again be the official sponsor of Brides Live Wedding, a web series curated by the editors of Brides magazine and We sat down with makeup artist Moani Lee who designed four looks for the 2016 bridal season. From sultry to ethereal radiance, the looks encapsulate a wide range of styles, giving confidence to each and every bride. Vote for your favorite 'beauty' look today!

Look 1: Sultry Bridal

This look is for a bride who loves her sensuality and sultriness. She loves to play up her eyes with a modern smoke and enhance her sexiness with a nude pout. Her color palette would be tone on tone with muted shades of chocolate, cocoa and coffee colors. This focus is on her eyes.

Look 2: Classic Bridal

This bride is inspired by the screen sirens of the 40’s and 50’s. She adores the timeless beauties of the Golden Age, but with the subtleties of the modern day. Her favorite feature is her lips and she wants to walk down the aisle feeling bold and beautiful. This look focuses on the lips, using Firecracker True Dimensions Lipstick.

Look 3: Elegant Bridal

Designed with the bride who loves elegance and sophistication in mind, this look is inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of simple tones and clean lines. This bride’s favorite feature is her eyes and she loves a bold eye liner.


Look 4: Ethereal Bridal

For the bride who loves an ethereal radiance to her makeup, this look softly plays up all parts of her face – eyes, skin, cheeks, lips and brows. She loves a healthy glow and balance, and wants all her features enhanced in a cohesive way.

Regardless of which look you choose for your big day, Moani recommends taking extra care of your skin about 3-6 months before your wedding. Be sure to treat, hydrate and exfoliate for healthy, glowing skin!

Vote now and tell us which one is your favorite bridal look in the comments below!