07-07-2016 4:16 PM

"Courage is the art of doing what we fear to do and doing it well, no matter how difficult we think it might be." – Mary Kay Ash

Living fearlessly isn’t living without any fear; it’s just not letting your fears be in control. When Mary Kay Ash started this company 53 years ago, she challenged the male-dominated business world she lived in. Nothing stopped her from fulfilling her dream of creating a company to enrich women’s lives and her story inspired millions of women that today are part of the more than 3.5 million Mary Kay independent sales force members around the world. It is because of this success story that we felt inspired to launch a new fragrance line in the Latin American region as a tribute to all those courageous women that like Mary Kay Ash, fight for their dreams and never give up. Brazil and Mexico were the first two countries where we launched the new FearlesslyTM fragrance collection: Live Fearlessly®, Love Fearlessly®, and Dream Fearlessly®. Here are some of the highlights of both events:

Mary Kay Brazil

Mary Kay Brazil celebrated the launch of FearlesslyTM hosting an exclusive event to honor all courageous women who fearlessly love, live and dream. To represent these women, they invited four ambassadors: the singer Luiza Possi who delighted everyone with a concert, the actress Mariana Ximenes, the surfer Maya Gabeira, and the blogger Rayza Nicácio. At the event, Mary Kay Brazil created a wall with encouraging messages using Mary Kay Ash’s quotes and scented with the FearlesslyTM fragrances.  Bloggers, reporters, and beauty influencers were also invited to this event that was highly broadcasted on social media.

Mary Kay Mexico

At an exclusive event in Mexico City, Mary Kay Mexico celebrated the launch of Fearlessly® with a sensory experience hosted by Givaudan, the global leader in the fragrance and flavor industry. This sensory experience involved adding the fragrance scents and the main ingredients of Fearlessly® to different chocolates. Paola Espinosa, Mexican World Champion diver and one of the “Fearlessly Women” in Mexico, was invited to share her story and encouraged women to believe in their dreams. More than 50 bloggers, influencers, and media outlets covered the event with lots of impressions in print and digital media.

Who are the fearless women in your life that you admire the most? Share your stories in the comments below!

Magdalena Hughes is Director of Marketing of the Latin American region. In her role, Magdalena leads all marketing, public relations & advertising, digital marketing, social media, and consumer communication strategies in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.