Back-To-You Beauty

08-18-2016 3:18 PM

As much as we’d like to deny it, summer is quickly coming to a close. School buses are back on the roads, tan lines are fading, and the last remnants of our summer vacations are the pieces of sand still stuck in our sandals.

Fall is a great time for new routines, as we get back from vacations and settle back into our daily lives. Whether you’re running across campus to class, or you’re jetting out the door to get your kids to the bus stop on time, we can all resolve to make more time for ourselves and get back into good skincare and makeup habits this fall. So, let’s make some resolutions together to make this our best year yet!

1.       Does all that saltwater have your lips feeling dehydrated? Enter Satin Lips®Set. With the two-step system, your lips will be exfoliated and moisturized. Pucker up and kiss summer goodbye – you’re ready for fall! Now the question is, which color will be glossing your lips?

2.       Stressful travel can take a toll on your skin! Start using TimeWise ® Microdermabrasion Plus Set for a more polished, younger skin and smaller pores. That exhausting five hour flight delay you had on the way home from vacation? Completely untraceable because you're glowing and more radiant than ever after your beach trip!

3.       Did you spend a little more time in the sun than you would have liked? Do you have a new dark spot after falling asleep in the sun? With TimeWise® Tone-Correcting Serum, even the appearance of your skin tone and improve skin brightness. So long, dark spots!

In just three simple steps, you’re ready to take this next school year by storm! How do you plan on getting back to you?