We’re Obsessed with Skin Care …and it Shows!

10-06-2016 3:56 PM

Mary Kay always said if you can dream it, you can do it.  And I’m excited to share with you some Big, Big News – We Did It!!   

Mary Kay is now a ‘Top 5 Global Skin Care Brand’* as named by respected industry researcher Euromonitor!  

That’s right. Try it on for size. Top 5. Globally.  

Reaching this impressive milestone has been a long-standing company goal.  And thanks to the hard work and dedication of our 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants, the loyalty of their customers and the efforts of our employees around the world, we’ve done it!  Congratulations!  Today we celebrate with YOU.

Let me say it again – Mary Kay is a ‘Top 5 Global Skin Care Brand’.   

And do you know how we did it?   Simple.  We’re obsessed with skin care.

It’s the heart of our product portfolio and backbone of our business.  By constantly combing the globe for the latest in ingredients, technology and innovation, our skin care scientists, formulators, manufacturing engineers, packaging designers, product developers and many others are able to continually develop and deliver cutting-edge, high-performing products.  

In fact, did you know Mary Kay Inc. conducts more than a half-million tests each year and spends millions of dollars on research to ensure that every Mary Kay® product meets the highest standards of safety, quality and performance? To date, we have more than 1,200 patents for products, advanced technologies and packaging designs in skin care and color cosmetics.  

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants really make it all happen. They offer customized skin care recommendations to their customers, and our advanced product offering enables them to address the skin care needs of every woman and skin type throughout her lifetime. And all of it is delivered with the great personalized service and care that makes up the Mary Kay experience.  

So now you know. Mary Kay is obsessed with skin care. Relentless in our pursuit of innovation. And our incredible independent sales force is devoted to getting their customers personalized products with excellent customer service.  

I’d say that deserves a High 5! Thank YOU for your part in helping Mary Kay achieve this fabulous recognition! Let’s celebrate and begin conquering our next Big Dream!  

* Source: © Euromonitor International, 2015

Today’s blog post is from Mary Kay’s Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Adkins-Green. Follow her on Twitter @SherryAG.