All Your Project Runway Questions Answered! Exclusive Interview with Season 15 Winner Erin Robertson

12-27-2016 8:00 AM

Lights, camera, action! Project Runway® Season 15 was one for the books. We laughed, we cried... fashion will never be the same! We went behind the scenes with Season 15 winner Erin Robertson to get the inside scoop. Check it out below!

First of all, congratulations! When they announced you as the winner, what was your initial reaction?

It's hard for me to understand my feelings at that moment!  I worked harder than I ever worked and it paid off. I was so happy and proud. So many amazing feelings.

When did you realize you had designer potential?

There's no specific time it hit me. It was a series of success and failures and just happened. 

How would you describe the woman you are designing for?

The human I design for is bold, confident and fun. Definitely wants to stand out from the crowd. 

What did you learn from being a part of Project Runway?

Wow, so much!  I learned how to work from my gut brain. I've mainly worked by thinking about options and having time to research. But on the show there's no time for that. Everything is so quick that it made me work from a source in my body. 

What is one thing that fans of the show may not know about you from watching the show?

That everything is filmed so quickly!  I get comments on my Instagram saying " you got this, next week get back on top". But everything has been filmed and I had almost no time to breathe!  

What was your favorite and least favorite challenge and why?

I loved the transitional lens, day light to black light. It was fun to think about that transition on the runway and it was inspiring. Least was the Marie Claire. That was because I was on the bottom 4 times in a row and the stress of being there was making me question who I was as a designer. It's a lot being away from everything and everyone you know. 

What inspired your finale collection?

A few things. Like I said, the process of this is so fast and when we were done filming the challenges I came back to Boston and couldn't think of anything other than the emotions I felt while I was gone. I was so inspired by my friends and how much they support me, so I made a friend print. I also love bananas and hands print. The color palate came from 'Do it Right' by Martin Solveig which a crew member showed me at the end of the filming. So yeah, a little all over the place, but sort of like a self portrait. 

Tell us about the beauty look that Luis Casco created and how that complemented your collection?

I always want glitter eye. So I brought loose glitter and Luis made the babes have a natural beauty skin and brows with a baby pink lip. I was obsessed. 

What’s next for you? How do you plan to put your cash prize to use?

I want to get a live work space and fill it with equipment for me and my homies to use. I love collaborating and being around other artists, so I want to create an environment that can harvest that sort of energy. I also want to attend MIT media lab to be part of a team that's focused on the future of textiles. 

To see Erin's winning beauty look designed by Luis Casco, click here. To see more looks from Season 15, click here!