• 50!

    Well, the anticipation is finally over. We have reached our 50th anniversary!!! And, of course, fifty years later, it is once again Friday the 13th (A day that would normally be considered an “unlucky” day in American...
  • Thanking my Grandmother

    Today’s guest blogger is Ryan Rogers, Mary Kay Ash’s grandson. Ryan is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and has worked for Mary Kay Inc. since 2000. Ryan shares with us his thoughts on his grandmother’s...
  • Thank you, Mom

    Moms, you do a lot. And I mean A LOT . You’re on the frontlines making it all happen and sometimes you don’t always get the thanks you deserve. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day at Mary Kay by telling our...
  • Losing Wait

    Today’s guest blogger is Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sheryl Adkins-Green. Sheryl shares her thoughts with us about losing ‘wait’ for 2012. Like many others, I waited until January 1st to put...
  • My Mom Was Right

    Kathrina Michelle. 16 letters. 5 syllables. 2 words. Whenever I heard my mother condense those 16 letters, 5 syllables and 2 words into a one syllable word AND use a tone so high-pitched that it would scare small animals, I knew...
  • It’s 2015 – Pick Up the Remote Control of Your Life! – Part 1

    It’s become a tradition each year for Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green, to kick off the New Year with an inspirational blog. Sheryl’s post always offer a unique perspective that forces us to take a new look at ourselves...
  • Top 10 Reasons David Letterman Should Sell Mary Kay

    When Mary Kay Chief Marketing Officer Sheryl Adkins-Green heard the news about David Letterman's retirement, she immediately thought of what he should do once Stephen Colbert replaces him as host. David should become a Mary...
  • May The F.O.R.C.E. Be With You in 2016

    It’s become a tradition each year for Mary Kay's Chief Marketing Officer, Sheryl Adkins-Green, to kick off the New Year with an inspirational blog. Sheryl’s posts always offer a unique perspective that forces us...
  • We Love Lips!

    If eyes are the windows to the soul then I believe lips are the messengers of the heart. Sure, they may be heart-shaped, but lips give voice to your inner beauty and accentuate one of your best features—your smile. We love...
  • Spooktacular Halloween Fun!

    Halloween is always fun to celebrate, especially with cute kiddos! Enjoy pictures from our Halloween celebration at our global headquarters and have a Happy Halloween! (Oh, and if you're looking for ways to glamorize your...
  • Trick or Treat

    We celebrated Halloween at the Mary Kay world headquarters with our favorite people – our kids. Here are a few photos of our beloved Mary Kay Kids! Happy Halloween. Best wishes, Kathrina McAfee Managing Editor
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