• Summertime

    This weekend really kicks off the official start to summer with Memorial Day Weekend. In summer there’s too much gorgeous sun and time spent outdoors to spend hours on my makeup, so to keep my beauty junkie status I have...
  • Pink Changing Lives

    We love pink at Mary Kay? Can you guess the pink item that we love the most? (Ok, besides the pink Cadillac?) We love our pink hardhats at Mary Kay. We know when the pink hardhats come out that someone’s live is about to...
  • One Woman Can and Many Women Will

    We are in the middle of graduation season – one of the most significant life accomplishments for a young adult. So many students are graduating high school and looking forward to the next phase in life. For some that means...
  • One “Mother” Can Be….. Amazing!

    How special that Mother’s Day falls on May 12th this year – the same date as Mary Kay Ash’s birthday. Looking back on all of the many lives that Mary Kay touched, it is clear that, beyond her three children,...
  • Are We There Yet?

    Every year in the summer, I drive down to the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida with my family to get a bit closer to heaven and take a relaxing break from the hustle-and-bustle of the world. It’s a pretty long journey...
  • We Love Orange, Too!

    At Mary Kay, we believe every great look begins with great skincare. Today, we’re wearing orange to support the American Academy of Dermatology’s initiative to raise awareness about melanoma, other types of skin cancer...
  • One Woman Can…Drive!!

    I didn’t think golf was “fore” me. While I had mastered miniature golf, playing with my sons over the years, I just couldn’t get excited about spending the majority of a Saturday walking a golf course when...
  • #63

    He smiles, flexes his arm and points to the tattoo on his arm and jokingly says “it says I love Kate.” Kate smiles, they laugh together and then it is time to get ready for the next shot. From my view on set, it is...
  • One Woman Can...LPGA

    In celebration of Mary Kay’s 50th anniversary, we are one of the sponsors for the first LPGA tournament in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area since 1991. More than 140 top rated golfers are teeing off at the North Texas LPGA Shootout...
  • Dance to Life

    We’ve all been in tight quarters with someone who has seemingly taken a bath in perfume. All you want to do is run a million miles away because the person’s perfume is suffocating. It always makes me wonder what is...
  • Happy Earth Day!

    Today is a wonderful day to celebrate nature and reflect on how we can make our lives a little greener. For me, every day is Earth Day through Pink Doing Green efforts. Our Pink Doing Green programs work to infuse environmental...
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