• Happy Birthday Pink Caddy

    The Mary Kay pink Cadillac Career Car Program turned 43! In 1969, the year the program began, only the top five independent sales directors qualified to earn the use of the pink Cadillac. Today, there are over 1,200 on the road...
  • Caddy Daddy

    Do you know a Caddy Daddy? Chances are you do. These are the husbands of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. Take a look at this story from Seminar 2012 to learn more about the men of Mary Kay. KTVT Story: Caddy Daddies on...
  • Red, White & Blue (and Pink)

    We love it when the news media shows some of the great women who sell our great products. Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Darlene Beckett enlisted in the Army when she was 23 and has proudly served our country. Darlene’s...
  • Pretty in Pink

    The city of Dallas was painted a beautiful shade of pink during Mary Kay’s annual three-week convention known as Seminar. More than 30,000 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants in the United States came to Dallas to participate...
  • Thanks A Million

    We did it! We reached 1 Million Fans for our Facebook fan page!! The U.S. Mary Kay Facebook page now has more than 1 million fans who have “liked” the page. Fans include Independent Beauty Consultants, employees, brand...
  • Leadership Series: Pass the P’s - Life’s Leadership Lessons

    Today’s post is the last post in our female Leadership Series. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about each leader. The final post in the series is from Mary Kay Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sheryl Adkins-Green...
  • Leadership Series: The Opportunity

    Today’s blog post is from Tara Eustace, President of Mary Kay Europe. During her 19 years of service, Tara has worked her way up from an unpaid intern at the Mary Kay Russia start-up to leading the 18 countries that are...
  • Leadership Series: Women of Action

    Today’s post is from Mary Kay’s Chief Financial Officer Terry Smith. Terry has worked for Mary Kay since 1984 and has served as the CFO since 2003. During the past six weeks, several of our female vice presidents have...
  • Leadership Series: The Speed of the Leader

    Today’s post is from Melinda Foster Sellers. Melinda is the Chief People Officer at Mary Kay. Melinda shares her insight on the characteristics of a good leader. Be the Kind of Leader Others Want to Follow Stop for a moment...
  • Leadership Series: The Other Path

    Today’s post is from Michelle Norman. Michelle is Mary Kay’s Vice President of Human Resources. Michelle oversees the HR needs for many of Mary Kay’s international markets and Organization Effectiveness globally...
  • Leadership Series: Look 'FORE'ward but don't look back

    Our Leadership Series continues with a blog post from Naomi Buerkle. Naomi is the Vice President and General Manager of Mary Kay’s North Central Distribution Center. Imagine a happy go lucky little girl with a knapsack over...
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