• Moving Fore-Ward: Part 2 “Keep Swinging”

    In case you missed it, part one of this blog covered some great life lessons from golf on how you can keep moving fore-ward. Part two focuses on how you can “keep swinging” in the right direction! As national golf...
  • Man Up

    Suck it up! No pain, no gain! Be a man! You play like a girl! How many times has someone said one of these things to you? How many times have you said it? Thought about it? Maybe you thought it, but stopped short. These phrases...
  • Science Behind the Beauty

    Science often plays a role in answering one of life’s most frequent questions: “How does that work?” At Mary Kay, that question gets asked a lot and we have a phenomenal group of scientists dedicated to providing...
  • Mary Kay Supports Future Communicators in Dallas-Ft. Worth

    “We are not really in the cosmetics business – we are in the people business. We´re in the business of helping women change their lives and helping them to know how great they really are.” - Mary Kay Ash...
  • 5 Things You May Not Know About The Mary Kay Foundation℠

    The Mary Kay Foundation ℠ is committed to bringing an end to cancers affecting women and domestic violence. We're sharing their blog post today from their Inspiring Beauty Through Caring blog to help bring awareness to how...
  • Model Business with Olive the Puppy

    Today’s blog post is from Olive Quarry. Olive is an 11-month-old (only 4 months at time of shoot) lively French Bulldog puppy and the daughter of Mary Kay’s own Senior Art Director, Diana Quarry. Born in a small town...
  • Cheek Duos? Don't Mind if I Do!

    When I first saw the new Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color Duos I squealed with delight (in my head of course)! Just looking at the pops of color made me feel happy…while I have to admit, I did wonder, “What will...
  • Gloss for a Change

    Most people have participated in a cause marketing campaign. It’s a simple concept that makes us feel good when we are buying something we need anyway. You know how it works, right? You buy a product with the promise that...
  • Here Comes the Bride!

    Mary Kay is partnering with Brides magazine as the official beauty sponsor of the Brides Live Wedding. The wedding, curated by the editors of Brides , allows the public to vote on certain aspects of one lucky couple’s dream...
  • We Love Mother's Day!

    Today’s blog is from David Holl, President & Chief Executive Officer, Mary Kay Inc. As President and Chief Executive Officer, David leads the $4 billion Company with world headquarters in Dallas, five regional distribution...
  • Thank you, Mom

    Moms, you do a lot. And I mean A LOT . You’re on the frontlines making it all happen and sometimes you don’t always get the thanks you deserve. We’re celebrating Mother’s Day at Mary Kay by telling our...
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