• $5,000 and a dream

    “My primary motivation for going into this business was to help women. I wanted to provide opportunities for them to create better lives. I saw Mary Kay Inc. as a vehicle for women to realize their dreams.” –...
  • The Power of Pink

    When you think of a lobbyist, you probably don’t think of the Mary Kay independent sales force, do you? Turns out, the Mary Kay ladies with their pink Cadillacs in tow are a pretty convincing crew. Each year, Mary Kay partners...
  • Mary Kay and Tiramisu - Two of a Kind!

    When I first shared the many layers of our “Discover What You Love” campaign , I described the Mary Kay brand as having many wonderful layers. And it does – just like one of my favorite desserts, tiramisu. By...
  • Global Day of Beauty

    We talk a lot about beauty at Mary Kay – we are a beauty company after all! We especially love when beauty transforms a woman from the inside out. We don’t always have the opportunity to see this in person, but I was...
  • Who's the one in your life?

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to be on the video set of Mary Kay’s latest Don’t Look Away campaign abuse prevention project . The vision behind this project was to create a public service announcement to illustrate...
  • Dalene White – A Legacy Lives On

    The most rewarding part of my Mary Kay career has been the great people that have been so important in my life, both personally and professionally.” – Dalene White Mary Kay recently lost a remarkable woman and friend...
  • Dignitaries Walk the Line at Mary Kay Manufacturing

    At our Dallas manufacturing facility, the latest and greatest Mary Kay products roll down the assembly lines and get ready for distribution. But did you know that over half of these locally produced goods are shipped to one of...
  • Mary Kay "Don't Look Away" Cause Champion, Debby Ryan

    Giving back is always something that has been extremely important to me, and why I love my job at Mary Kay. As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team, I have the opportunity to help develop programs that enrich the lives...
  • Mary Kay Pink Doing Green

    Conservation of our natural resources is and will always be a foremost objective at Mary Kay. Over the past seven years, we have reduced the amount of electricity required to operate our facilities in the Dallas area by more than...
  • One Too Many

    Each year, countless young people will experience abuse in a dating relationship. Actually… 1 in 3. That’s 1.5 million high school students nationwide experiencing emotional, verbal or even physical abuse in a year...
  • Kiss. Kisseroo. Kissy. Smooch.

    Valentine’s Day is this week (and you know we love lips at Mary Kay) so we’re thinking about all the ways to pucker up! A kiss is a universal act of showing love. Amongst the many names for this act, did you know there...
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