Terms and Conditions

03-21-2011 4:02 PM



The following Terms of Use apply to all users of The Mary Kay Way blog (the "Site").  Comments that violate the Terms of Use will not be posted or may be deleted.

1. All submissions/posts on the Site shall be made with the intent to share thoughts, ideas and comments about the blog’s posting with other blog readers.

2. No profane or foul language, profanity or other inappropriate and offensive language shall be used.

3. Posts should not include personal attacks or intentionally hurtful remarks targeted at others.

4. No commercial announcements, such as promoting third party products, services, business opportunities or trading of Mary Kay® products.

5. No posting of attachments. This includes fliers, newsletters, photos and videos.

6. No proselytizing (trying to convert anyone to your religious or political beliefs). Submissions regarding politics, political figures and religion may not be posted or approved for posting.

7. No posting of content generally deemed offensive (such as description of sexual or violent acts, or bodily functions).

8. No use of material protected by intellectual property law (such as copyrights or trademarks).

9. No posting of outside links or e-mail addresses. 

10. Mary Kay Inc. (the administrator of The Mary Kay Way blog)  reserves the right to review all comments to blog postings before they are posted live on the site.  In general comments are posted after review within 1-2 business days unless there is an issue with the comment, such as violation of one of the rules above. 

11. You understand and acknowledge that the views expressed within the Site are those of the person posting the information and may not be those of Mary Kay Inc.

Good Ideas

1. Remember that the Comments section under each blog posting is meant as a place for you to comment on that specific blog post, not about other posts or other unrelated topics.  This will keep the discussion on topic for everyone who may be enjoying that particular blogger’s topic.

2. It’s best not to use the comments section as a place to ask the guest blogger a specific question.  We make every effort to forward all relevant questions to the appropriate party to respond, but sometimes the response may not come as quickly as you or we would like because our guest bloggers are “guests” and not full-time bloggers.

3. If you have a specific question that needs an answer, whether about the blog or other topics, use the contact us page.

4. Be honest, but be friendly and respectful of others – remember “The Golden Rule.” :)