Inaugural Blog Posting

04-07-2009 2:32 PM

Welcome to the inaugural post of “Reflections” --  I’m delighted that you’ve come to visit!

Perhaps we’ve had a chance to meet already; if so, it’s good to connect with you again.  If we don’t yet know each other, I’m looking forward to learning about you. (If you’re curious about me, you can click on the “About the authors” button at the top right.)

It is so exciting for me to have this opportunity to share with you a bit about what’s going on at Mary Kay and my perspective on issues that interest us as women.   I’d also like to hear from you about what’s on your mind.  I wish Mary Kay Ash were still here, so she could see us utilizing these new avenues of communication.  In my early days at the company, I remember Mary Kay referring to “the three forms of communication – telegraph, telephone and tell-a-woman”.  She would be so surprised at how far we’ve come as a society and as a company, and the wonderful tools that technology has made available to allow for instantaneous, worldwide sharing of thoughts.

The name “Reflections” is perfect for the blog because  it truly represents the vision for what will happen here.  Reflections are thoughts or opinions resulting from careful consideration, or, in another sense, what we see when we look at ourselves.  Our goal is that the content you find here inspires you and gives you food for thought. Ultimately, we hope this blog is one more way that Mary Kay can enrich your life.

I’m just the navigator here, though, helping guide us through the path that, together, we decide to take.  Of course there will be times when I want to talk about something specific that’s on my mind, or an exciting event that we want to make sure you have the scoop on.  You’ll hear often from other Mary Kay executives and employees  as well.  And we’re counting on you to provide lots of interesting things for us to explore.  What a fun journey this will be!

This site is for you, and we’d like your help from the very beginning to create a tagline for “Reflections” that will help readers know what we’re all about and why they should join us.  Think about the things you love about Mary Kay or the way it makes you feel.  To get your creative juices flowing, here’s an example: “Beauty from the inside out – be inspired, share ideas, stay connected.” Post your creative ideas on the tagline here, we’ll narrow it down, and let you vote on the final tagline.  And what’s a Mary Kay challenge without a PRIZE?  Of course, there will be one.  Who knows?  You may be the author of the winning words.

Thanks again for being a part of what’s happening here and we can’t wait to hear from you.