Happy Earth Day!

04-22-2009 9:27 AM

Today is the day that we celebrate Mother Earth.  I'm thankful that we've decided to set aside a day to honor our planet and to reflect on sustainability in the environment, however, every day should be Earth Day.  After all, it is the only Earth that we have.  Many people will be out doing special things today to help the planet in their local communities, but I wonder how  many of them will go right back to their normal routines tomorrow without having made any long-term changes in their behavior that could make a difference.  Each of us, doing small things, can collectively add up to big changes that will improve our sustainability for generations to come. 

At Mary Kay, we take our accountability as a good steward of the environment very seriously.  Are we perfect?  No, not yet.  Are we working harder every day to make continuous improvements? Yes, we are. This last year I've witnessed first-hand how, by working together, we've made a tremendous difference.  Thanks to the efforts of our Independent Beauty Consultants and their customers who recycled their old platinum and pink compacts, we planted an ENTIRE FOREST in the Bitterroot National Forest.  That's 200,000 trees!  Thanks to our corporate employees, who willingly (okay maybe they fussed just a little) gave up their space heaters and turned off the lights in their work area when they weren't being used, we saved enough electricity in 2008 to power more than 700 homes for a whole year.  We continue to recycle the water and alcohol that is left over after we manufacture our products; and the alcohol can be used in the production of fuel.  For 20 years our employees have recycled paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and now plastic bottles, saving tons of landfill waste. We're continuing to find ways to reduce the amount of plastics and paper used in our product packaging, and to make all our products more recyclable.

Today, Van (my husband) and I will be planting one more tree at our small farm.  In the last year, we've also planted 4 other trees, which will provide fruit for us this summer; started composting with the help of our cows and horses, and I compost all the kitchen scraps as well.  It works wonders on the vegetable garden, which we also started last fall.  Because we are at least 10 miles away from most of the city conveniences, we've also made a conscious effort to bundle our trips to town, so my grocery shopping and other errands I frequently do on the way home from the office in the evening in order to save fuel. I'm currently in the market for some rain barrels to catch the rainwater and use it to water the garden and the animals. Nothing really earth-shattering, but I know that these small steps will make a difference in the long run.

With almost 2 million Indpendent Beauty Consultants and tens of millions of customers around the world, if we were to each do a few small things, imagine the HUGE impact it would have.  I encourage you to do something good for Mother Earth today, stop doing some of the things you've been doing, and create new lifelong habits that will contribute to our world's sustainability. Let's show the world that we are PINK DOING GREEN (SM)!