Growing up in Mary Kay

04-30-2009 9:51 AM

I often wonder how different my life would have been, and even how different I would have been, had I not "grown up" in Mary Kay.  I was in my very early 20's when I came to work here, and had so much to learn about business, people, life and myself.  Almost daily, I am reminded of the tremendous impact that Mary Kay Ash, our sales force and my colleagues have had on my life and my journey of becoming the leader, wife, mother and friend that I am today.  I know without a doubt that I am a better person, and that my life is richer because of the values that are entrenched in our company culture, and the warm and caring people that I am surrounded by.  Mary Kay Ash encouraged all of us to pass on what we had learned, believing that "all you send into the lives of others comes back into your own."

One way that I have chosen to "pass it on" is in mentoring young women in business, both inside and outside our company.  I am amazed at what I have learned myself over these past few years as I've sat alongside these dynamic young women as they've shared their joys and challenges, seeking to improve their effectiveness and develop their full potential.  I hope that I and the other female leaders of my generation have paved a path that they can follow that leads them to fulfillment.  They are so bright and driven, and truly seek to make a difference in the world.

Another way that I've seen our Mary Kay values being passed on is from our sales force and employees to their children.  When I see these children and hear their stories, it warms my heart and gives me tremendous hope for the future of our world.  So many of them have larger than life dreams and are accomplishing great things at a very young age.  One in particular, has caught my attention many times, and I want to share with you something about Alexandra.  Alexandra is the 9 year-old, third grade daughter of one of the female VIce Presidents on my team.  Alexandra has always seemed wise beyond her years, a deep thinker with a caring and compassionate spirit.  This comes as no surprise to me, however, because Alexandra grew up in Mary Kay.  In fact, she was born into Mary Kay.

Last week, I learned that Alexandra was running for President of the after-school club that she is involved in.  As part of the election process, she had to write and deliver a speech to the entire club to share her leadership platform.  Her speech was so inspiring to me, and once again made me thankful for the Mary Kay lessons that are "caught" and gave me great hope for the future.  I want to share a small part of Alexandra's campaign speech with you.

"I have a dream that a woman will be elected as President!  I have a dream that one day this country would be ruled by girls!  All girls should get a very great education and experiences.  And right now, all the way in Africa, girls aren't getting great education or experiences.  We need to learn that what we get is great for us, even if we don't like writing, reading, math or science.  It's better than nothing.  So don't whine or cry that you have to do loads of homework, because all you get is more homework.  If I were President we would send educational books to Africa and hope they learn more!  It really does not matter what you look like, what your grades are or how fast you are, because everyone needs to learn and I think that's important.  I hope I am teaching you something right because it's a required mission for me to be helpful, honest, respectful and responsible in many ways.  Thank you!" 

I have no doubt that Alexandra will achieve great things in her life, and I hope that when she does, that she, too, realizes the benefits of "growing up in Mary Kay."