What Women Want - Part 2

05-08-2009 10:19 AM

Let's continue our look at "What Women Want".  As a reminder, here's what Mary Kay learned from our research with women around the world:

Ten Things Women Want Now

1.  Completeness                                          6.  Personal Income

2.  Strength & Independence                       7.  Men, sometimes

3.  Family + Choice                                       8.  Pampering

4.  Fulfilling Career                                       9.  Social Media

5.  Connection/Sisterhood                         10.  Trust

Today, I'm going to share with you more about #2 - Strength & Independence.

This desire is all about feminine power.  Not in a "better than" way, but in a "different than but equal to" way.  For these women, feminine power today is no longer a political rallying cry or a movement -- it's a tacit, personal assumption.  It's a state of being.  It's just the way things are.

For women in the United States, this takes the form of confidence, and comes from "knowing what I'm talking about."  For Latinas in the US, it is more about emotional strength,  These women shared how their mothers taught them to "Take it like a woman!"  The women of Mexico and Brazil desire emotional independence (from men), and that is even more important to them than having financial independence.  They seek a quiet resolve that helps them overcome any obstacle that life throws at them.  Females in China and Korea speak about strength and independence in the form of financial autonomy, citing that this gives them the power to speak their mind and make their own decisions, even if others don't like them.  These women have definitely separated themselves from any connection to a traditional, submissive-style relationship. They consider themselves to be open-minded and vocal, not introverts.  Our Eastern-European sisters from Russia and Ukraine, summed it up like this: "She stops the horse that is running and enters the house that is burning!"

While I suppose you could consider strength and independence as two separate characteristics, they are so interrelated they become one.  It is the strength that allows for the independence, and in being independent a women further develops her strength.  Independence has become  the ultimate product of female empowerment. It's not something that the government provides, an organization lobbies for, or a job allows.  It's PERSONAL.  It's about ME and the people in my life.

It means that I can compose my life AS I CHOOSE, from many strands.  It means I can CHOOSE to be financially or professionally powerful.  Or, the greatest mom in the world. The best friend, or caring daughter or loving wife.  It means I can CHOOSE to be all of these, or none of these. 

If today, you are a woman who has found her Strength & Independence, celebrate.  YOU DESERVE IT!  Then after the party, DO SOMETHING to help another woman who is still looking for hers.