Mary Kay Learns "What Women Want" - Part 5

05-26-2009 4:11 PM

Mary Kay Inc. was interested in finding out what women want in today's world, so we took a few months to learn from women in several countries around the world.  They weren't shy and they held nothing back.  We've been exploring these things over the last several posts, and we've reached #5.  In addition to completeness, strength and independence, family + choice, and a fulfilling career, women around the world are longing for a connection and sisterhood with other women.

For some, "girls night out" has become a never-to-be-missed weekly ritual.  These female escapes provide carefree times, to get away, however briefly, from the everyday stressors of life.  It can be as simple as meeting for tea or coffee, or involve pampering in the form of manicures/pedicures, or even full-blown weekend long retreats.

Our girlfriends, in many ways, are our family.  They provide a source of strength and security.  They assist us when we need the help.  They validate who we are and what we do.  They can be our creative muse, and they (almost) always accept us as we are.  Girlfriends are a safe haven from daily troubles, and can be great resources for help in many areas of our lives.  Talking to girlfriends is an important part of our daily routine for many of us.  For all the women we talked to, their female friendships are their most important, and often most stable relationships.

I see the results of a strong connection to other women, the sisterhood if you will, play out daily in Mary Kay.  Just a few moments ago, as I was on Twitter getting updates from the people I follow, I noticed a tweet from a Beauty Consultant.  She suffers from a serious chronic pain condition and was having a bad day.  She had a party booked with several women, and due to the pain, she was unable to conduct the party.  Rather than cancel and disappoint the women who were excited about their facials and makeovers, a "sister" Consultant offered to hold it for her.  That is the sisterhood in action.

I have traveled on numerous international trips with our top Sales Directors and National Sales Directors, and inevitably, someone's luggage doesn't make it to our destination. Now, these aren't just any trips mind you.  These are trips to 5 star hotels in some of the most widely sought-after cities of the world.  These women worked their buns off all year long to earn the trip for themselves, and you know darn well that they didn't just go to the closet and throw last year's family vacation clothes into the suitcase.  No ma'am.  There was major power shopping to get just the right outfits, planned strategically to each day and every special dinner.  And, then, well, all those cute outfits are floating around someplace in luggage limbo.  Not to worry.  Mary Kay sisters to the rescue.  When that happens, anybody else who is on the trip and is anywhere close to being your size will pony up her cute outfits for you to wear until your luggage is found.  Nevermind the fact that she couldn't wait for everyone to see her in THAT outfit.  That's the power of the sisterhood at work.

This same sisterhood is one of the reasons that I feel very safe even when I travel to someplace that I have never been.  You see I know that just about anywhere I go, there are Mary Kay people there, and they would do whatever they could to help me if I needed something.

No doubt this very strong desire for a connection with other females is what is driving women to social media in record numbers.  (We'll explore this particular aspect of social networking in a future post, so I don't want to dwell on it here.)

In closing, I think Sister Sledge said it best (okay, I know I am dating myself) . . . "We are family -- I got all my sisters with me."