Mary Kay Learns "What Women Want" - Part 7

06-01-2009 3:37 PM

Well, we've finally arrived at the piece of this on-going discussion that I've been looking forward to, and at the same time dreading. Not because it's bad in any way, in fact I think it's really good that women are comfortable talking about this subject.  For our male readers, let me just say, don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger.

When Mary Kay asked women around the world what they wanted in their lives today, they told us.  In fact, there were ten consistencies that surfaced, regardless of what culture or region of the world the women were from.  One of those ten things was MEN. . . sometimes!

The "sometimes" here is the critical factor. It seems that women today have a yin/yang relationship with the men in their lives.  For single women, they definitely still have romantic notions, but many feel that husbands can become obstacles to some of the other desires they have in their lives, like their career.  In Europe, women cited that being loved by a man and being married is seen as an important social marker, and that having a significant male relationship in their life can be a motivator to stay attractive and fit.  For these same women, however, that man was not at the center.  They also expressed that as far as their careers, they had to work really hard to overcome some obstacles to prove themselves and their worth, while the men at work weren't seen as having to work as hard at it. In Latin America, women shared that same sentiment, feeling that in the workplace men oftentimes hindered their access to money, opportunity and success.

The "complete" woman likes men, but doesn't need them in the same way as before.  Along with all the good that the men bring to their lives, at home they are someone to manage, and at work they are competitors on a playing field that is still seen as uneven.  Women across the globe wish that the guys would be quicker to grasp and support the shift in women's roles.

As for me, I can relate to "sometimes".  I dearly love my husband.  He's my best friend, and next week we will celebrate 30 years of marriage.  Sometimes I feel he's the greatest, most understanding husband in the universe. Sometimes I think he's not.  Sometimes he helps me make an important decision.  Sometimes he makes me even more confused.  Sometimes he totally supports what I want to do.  Sometimes he doesn't (I still don't have any chickens at the farm). Sometimes I want to spend all my time with him.  Sometimes I wish he'd take an extended vacation. . .alone.

With all that said, here's another thing I know, without a doubt.  I know that I know that I know.  With him, I am so much more complete, and without him there would be a very large void in my life.

As far as the men in the office, I can honestly say that. . .

(You didn't think I was really going to go THERE, did you?)

All of this has now made me so curious.  I wonder what we would learn if we were to ask men around the world what they want?  Would they say "women, sometimes"?