The viral nature of a woman on a mission

08-14-2009 1:42 PM

Yesterday, as we were gathering to begin a regularly-scheduled staff meeting, four of us were just catching up with each other on what was going on in our personal lives.  One woman shared that she had just been to the doctor for her annual physical, and not only was she excited about the significant weight she had already lost, but had set a new goal to lose 17 additional pounds.  Another talked about completing her first workout with a personal trainer, and how she was looking forward to the next one.  And the third woman, well, talk about being on a mission.  She shared that she has set a goal to compete in a triathlon, and had begun daily training for the fall event.  As each of them was sharing their personal vision, I could sense the excitement in their voices, I could see by their body language that they had a sense of pride about what they were doing, and I began to feel those same things somehow magically being transferred to me.  My adrenaline began to rise (or at least it felt like it did), I began to get excited for them, and then went on to think to myself, "What BIG thing should I be doing?".  Then I thought about all the other times I had been inspired by someone else who had a dream, was sharing it with others, and was working hard at making it come true. 

So, it seems that dreams are viral, spreading quickly from one person to the next.  Sometimes what you catch from a woman on a mission is an exact replica of her dream, and you get inspired to help her achieve it.  Other times, what spreads to you takes on a different form, and you find yourself dreaming your own dreams, setting big goals, and working to make them come true for yourself.  Either way, a dreaming-believing-achieving attitude is contagious.

Our founder, Mary Kay Ash, certainly knew this to be true.  Few women have dreams as big as she did, and it was the viral nature of her dream that took it from her and the nine friends she convinced to help her begin her business, to now more than 2 million women in more than 35 markets around the world.  Although much has changed in the 46 years since her dream was cast, the contagious nature of women focused on making a difference and achieving great things has not.  It is still alive and well, allowing women from all walks of life to draw upon the belief and inspiration from another to propel them to greatness.

If you are a woman on a mission, help others catch a dream from you.  If you're not and are looking for inspiration, hang out with women who are passionate about their dreams, and let it spread.