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  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? You may have a new bestie after trying the new Midnight Jewels color collection . I know I did! I'll admit I was a little hesitant. These bold colors were a little intimidating at first. I stared at them, like fine jewelry in a showcase, on my vanity...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-27-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, New Products, makeup trends, Purple, Discover What You Love, #discoverwhatyoulove, Mary Kay products, Red, #DWYL, Diamonds are a girls best friend, Jewel Tones, Emerald, Midnight Jewels, Pink Moonstone, Sapphire, Ruby Night, Emerald Noir, Night Diamond, Midnight Jewls, Lash Love, Jade, Mary Kay Limited-Edition† Midnight Jewels Collection, Rich Jade, Sapphire Noir
  • Healthy Relationships 101

    Whether you are a student or just enjoying the excitement in the air from the back to school buzz, there is something about this time of year that inspires new learning. I think we are all forever students in life and I'd like to share with you a little Healthy Relationship 101 to help you think...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-25-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Teen Dating Abuse Prevention, Don't Look Away, CSR, loveisrespect, corporate social responsibility, Love is respect, healthy relationships, healthy dating, text for help, teens, relationships, loveis to 22522
  • Re-Paving My Wrinkle Roadmap

    I like to think the wrinkles on our faces are the roadmaps to our souls. Each little line a story of pain, sorrow, fear, happiness and joy. I bet you can even look to a wrinkle to tell you exactly what side of your face you sleep on. It's a permanent roadmap of an interstate some desperately seek...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-21-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, skin care, anti-aging, TimeWise, wrinkles, Discover What You Love, #MKLove, TimeWise Repair, #discoverwhatyoulove, #DWYL, minimize wrinkles, Wrinkle, encapsulated hyaluronic acid, TimeWise Repair Volu-Fill Deep Wrinkle Filler
  • Put Your Best Face Forward

    It's that time of year! The countdown to the final days of summer is just about over. School is (or almost for some) back in session, and it's time to trade in the pool float for text books and calculators! By this time you may or may not have done your back to school shopping. And if you have...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-18-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, skin care, American Association of Dermatology, college students, Shopping, Students, acne, back to school, skin care regimen, Discover What You Love, natural beauty, teenagers, Skin care tips, college, Millennials, #discoverwhatyoulove, Mary Kay® products, #DWYL, Clear Proof® Acne System
  • Model for a Day

    It’s not every day you get the “model treatment.” I was one of two lucky interns to get the chance to be a model at Mary Kay, and I’m here to tell you it’s just as fabulous as you think it’d be. Not only has my internship on the Promotional Forecasting team been an...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-14-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Makeup, Heidi Klum, Discover What You Love, #MKLove, #discoverwhatyoulove, photo shoot, Modeling, Crystalline, Trend Collection, model for a day, Model, Copper Glow, spring 2015
  • Mary Kay en Español

    In a nutshell, here are the facts. The Spanish Communications Team translates into Spanish approximately 1 million words per year. We are also copywriters, proofreaders, we interview independent sales force members, help produce videos and audio; provide voiceover talent…and oh... we are also...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 08-10-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Discover What You Love, #discoverwhatyoulove, English, Español, bilingual, translation, Latinas, Spanish, translate, Spanish Communications
  • Project Runway

    I was thrilled when Mary Kay asked me to be involved once again with Project Runway. Last year, I had an amazing time being part of Project Runway All Stars, and this year I feel so lucky to be working on “the show that started it all” Project Runway! So far it’s been an amazing season...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-23-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Beauty, makeup artist tips, makeup artist, Luis Casco, Project Runway, #MKwatchparty, Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, fashion, #MKLove, Global Makeup Artist, Make it Work
  • Ending Domestic Violence is a Family Legacy

    Growing up, I knew Mary Kay Ash as "grandmother," not as Mary Kay Ash the businesswoman and philanthropist. I remember all the special family moments we shared together. She made such an effort to just to be our grandmother and believed in God first, family second, career third - she really...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-16-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Mary Kay Ash, Domestic Violence Prevention, Suits for Shelters, Mary Kay Foundation, Empowerment, Discover What You Love, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, financial independence, domestic violence shelters, empowering women, strength of women, domestic abuse survivors, domestic violence survivors, ending domestic violence
  • The Mary Kay Foundation Funds Cancer Breakthrough

    There are very few people who haven’t been touched by cancer in some way. Family, friends, a neighbor down the street… cancer affects us all. The fight to understand cancer in hopes of eliminating the disease is a long road, but researchers are committed to discovering answers, one cell...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-15-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, cancer, Mary Kay Foundation, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Dr. Jerry Shay, Dawn Barton, Play-Doh, cancer cells, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Inc, Uterine Cancer, Dr. Andrew Ewald, John Hopkins Medicine, Cancer Grants, Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Mary Kay Foundation Cancer Grants, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Cervical Cancer
  • Nǐ hǎo do you do China?

    When I think of China, I think of a country that’s traditional, modern, peaceful, vibrant and energized. I think of images fitting these descriptions, existing not in unorganized chaos, but in one setting with the strangest harmony. The main word that reminds me of China is “amusing”...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-10-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Discover What You Love, #MKLove, #discoverwhatyoulove, amusing, #DWYL, lilies, Shanghai skyline, China, Mary Kay China, Yu Yuan, Shanghai, The Middle Kingdom, Associate General Counsel, Legal Resources
  • Faux Your Sun-Kissed Glow

    Summer is in full swing which means lounging by the pool, jet setting to luxurious resorts and getting an incredible tan. Oh wait, that’s only for celebrities and the independently wealthy. For the rest of us with 9 to 5’s all summer, sun-missed is usually more accurate than sun-kissed. But...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-06-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Summertime, summer beauty products, Bronzer, Global Makeup Artist Gregg Brockington, Gregg Brockington, summer, Faux Summer Glow, Sunless tan, Summer Glow, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, sun-kissed, Mary Kay Bronzing Powder
  • Happy 4th of July!

    From all of us at Mary Kay, we wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day!
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 07-04-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, U.S., United States of America, United States, America, Red, 4th of July, White and Blue, Independence Day
  • Sometimes Everybody Wins

    I love football (soccer). I love everything about it, the energy, being with friends and family, dressing up for it, cheering, hoping, winning, losing -- and the jokes about why your team lost, being at the stadium, at home, the food, the passion, the painted faces ( sometimes with Mary Kay makeup )...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 06-30-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Brazil, Mary Kay At Play, Game Day, Mary Kay @ Play, Discover What You Love, #mkgameface, #discoverwhatyoulove, Goal, FIFA, football, soccer, FIFA World Cup, 2014 FIFA World Cup, #IBelieveThatWeWillWin, Tie, Lose, Brasil 2014, Team USA, Win, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brasil, Team Brazil
  • Top Five Mary Kay Beauty Hacks

    I just love reading articles about my everyday things serving so many unusual uses. I have discovered 10 new functions of a lemon. Ten! So, I thought I would share with you some new ways to think about your Mary Kay products, maybe some new ways to love them even more. 1. Mary Kay® Extra Emollient...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 06-25-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Beauty Advice, Discover What You Love, #discoverwhatyoulove, Mary Kay products, Lash Love Mascara, oil-free eye makeup remover, #beautyhacks, Mary Kay extra emollient night cream, espresso mineral eye color, tanslucent loose powder, Beauty Hacks
  • Stylish Intern Look

    For an intern, among the challenges of waking up at 6 a.m. and navigating "real job" responsibilities, one of the biggest changes when working in a business professional environment is deciding what to wear every day. I'm used to the typical college look complete with t-shirts, shorts and...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 06-18-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, internship, Mary Kay At Play, Discover What You Love, Lash Love Mascara, stylish intern look, intern, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artists, professional, business attire, Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Ashley Ward
  • Future Advertising Execs Discover What They Love About Mary Kay

    With 25 percent of the U.S. population being Millennials, this group creates a very lucrative market for advertisers. As we look at the future of Mary Kay, we thought, “What better way to engage this generation than having them share their ideas with us?” Recently, Mary Kay sponsored the...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 06-05-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, Gen Y, Discover What You Love, American Advertising Federation, Advertising, Millennials, NSAC, AAF, University of California Berkeley, University of Miami, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University Camulet, University of Nebraska Lincoln, #mkgameface, #discoverwhatyoulove
  • Fun in the Sun!

    It's June, and we all know what that means! Summer is officially here, and you're going to look amazing in your white sundress once you get a tan, right? Well, not quite. Summer is the perfect time to brush up on your sun smarts and start slathering on the sunscreen! As a young girl even into...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 06-02-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Products, skin care, beauty tips, company blog, cancer, women's blog, beauty blog, sunscreen, sun, beach, summer vacation, skin cancer, melanoma, skin cancer awareness, Summertime, Summer Makeup, summer beauty products, Mary Kay Inc., Tips, Fun, skin care regimen, cancer research, Mary Kay Blog, lip balm, women's advice, Skin care tips, Swimsuit Season, Mary Kay Sunscreen, Mary Kay Skincare
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight; Don’t Let the Crows Feet Bite.

    Did you know on average – a woman’s head is on a pillow sleeping a whopping 1/3 of her lifetime? Wow, makes you wonder why you still feel so tired sometimes! The most common sleep position among women….the side (fetal) position. Yep, that’s me, and probably you….although...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 05-29-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, skin care, anti-aging, TimeWise, skin care regimen, Skin care tips, pillowcase, satin pillowcase, purchase with purchase, TimeWise Repair
  • Journey of Dreams

    I don’t know what smells better – the sweet smell of a baby just-after-bath-time or the smell of sea salt coming off the ocean as the waves crash onto the beach. What I do know is that some of our most powerful memories are tied to scents. The smell of cookies in the oven may remind you of...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 05-15-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Domestic Violence Prevention, Beauty That Counts, Fragrance, Enriching Women's Lives, domestic violence, independent beauty consultant, Journey of Dreams, journey, memories, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, Mary Kay Foundation, womenen and children, Journey of Dreams™ Eau Du Toilette, scents, Mary Kay brand
  • The Great Balancing Act

    Spending time with my family is one of my favorite things. It reminds me of just how important it is to have a balanced “wheel of life”. I truly dislike the phrase “work/life balance” because it seems to imply that your work is not part of your life and that you can’t bring...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 05-12-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, working moms, Mary Kay Inc., CFO, balanced priorities, Mary Kay CFO Deborah Gibbins, Mary Kay CFO, Mary Kay CFO Deb Gibbins
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