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  • Discovering What You Love

    Some people experience love at first sight. Like falling in love with an amazing pair of shoes in a store window. While this type of instant love is intense and exciting, it does not always stand the test of time. Like when you realize that same pair of amazing shoes is only comfortable to wear for 45...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 02-14-2014
    tagged: #mklevel10, #MKLove, Beauty, beauty blog, beauty brand, Beauty Products, beauty tips, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO, cosmetics, Discover What You Love, Enriching Women's Lives, Inner Beauty, Makeup, Mary Kay, Sheryl Adkins-Green, women
  • Okie Dokey, Smoky!

    I love, love, love makeup. Did I just say that I love playing with makeup? Well, or at least I “did” several years ago before I became a Mom. I used to create different looks every morning before going to work. I loved mixing shades to come up with my own color combinations (and some of them...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 09-05-2013
    tagged: 50th Anniversary, advice for women, Beauty Advice, beauty blog, makeup artist, makeup artist tips, Mary Kay, smokey eye, women, working moms
  • 7 Years Younger

    I’ll never forget the very first time it happened. I was at a grocery store. I had a bag of overpriced lettuce, some blueberries and one of those half cakes that always seem so tempting because they lessen the shame of buying a whole cake to eat by myself. Anyway, I was checking out and the cashier...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 04-11-2013
    tagged: anti-aging, Beauty, Beauty Advice, beauty blog, eye products, eye puffiness, Good Housekeeping, Hearst, Managing Editor Kathrina McAfee, Mary Kay, Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer, TimeWise, TimeWise Replenishing Serum +C, women, women's blog