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  • Mary Kay Beauty 101 College Tour

    Fall is my favorite season of the year. Where I live, we don't get to experience the beauty of the seasons changing like in the northeast, but there sure are signs that it's fall in Texas. Our temps are in the 90's versus the 100's (For those of you outside of Texas, it makes a difference...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by HockV on 09-29-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Beauty, Don't Look Away, college students, Mary Kay At Play, makeup advice, Mary Kay products, Cosmopolitan, Mary Kay College Beauty 101 Tour, Seventeen, young women
  • Ah, romance

    It doesn’t matter if you are in a new relationship, have been with the same person for years or are out looking for a new romantic adventure, we all want to find that attraction and excitement with someone that shares our same passions. The flirty glances, soft laughter and gentle touches that...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 02-12-2014
    tagged: Mary Kay, Beauty, Valentine's Day, women, smoky eye, makeup advice, Mineral Makeup, Mineral Eye Colors


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