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  • Pretty in Pink

    The city of Dallas was painted a beautiful shade of pink during Mary Kay’s annual three-week convention known as Seminar. More than 30,000 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants in the United States came to Dallas to participate in an action-packed convention filled with prizes, recognition and...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 08-01-2012
    tagged: Seminar, Economy, Dallas
  • I love my Mary Kay

    2011 was a great year at Mary Kay Inc. We saw a 15 percent increase in consolidated net sales. The number of women deciding to become Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants increased. We launched an exciting new option in our career car program by offering a sleek, black Ford Mustang for the first time...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 02-01-2012
    tagged: Mary Kay, Economy
  • The women of Mary Kay – they’re bringing America back

    That’s what ABC’s Nightline is saying about Mary Kay. Take a look at the TV story from Nightline's Dec. 14 show to see how Mary Kay CEO David Holl and Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors Courtney Armstrong and Stephanie Arbaugh explain how Mary Kay is growing.
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 12-15-2011
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  • Mary Kay Learns "What Women Want" - Part 6

    Here we are again, revealing what women around the globe told us about what they wanted out of life in today's world. In addition to the five things we've already discussed, women want to have their own personal, disposable income . At this point in time, some do and some don't (have it)...
    Posted to Rhonda Shasteen by admin on 05-29-2009
    tagged: Mary Kay, economy, research, What Women Want, 10 Things Women Want Now, money, income
  • Being a bright spot when all around you is dark

    One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Mary Kay Ash was the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. She often said "What you think about, you bring about!" In the more than 10 years that I worked closely with her, I never once heard her mutter a negative thought. She was always...
    Posted to Rhonda Shasteen by admin on 04-14-2009
    tagged: Mary Kay, economy, Nightline, positive attitude, Mary Kay Ash