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  • "Fake" Up

    Independence Day is upon us. For many that means BBQ, pool-time, and fireworks. It also means summer is almost half way over! Can you believe it? I’m sure it’s zooming by for some of you, but there are those reading this for whom that last line should’ve read: “summer is only...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 07-01-2013
    tagged: Mary Kay, One Woman Can, Makeup, recycling, summer vacation, pinterest ideas, pinterest, craft projects
  • Happy Earth Day!

    Today is a wonderful day to celebrate nature and reflect on how we can make our lives a little greener. For me, every day is Earth Day through Pink Doing Green efforts. Our Pink Doing Green programs work to infuse environmental sustainability throughout Mary Kay. At Mary Kay, it all starts with high...
    Posted to Mary Kay Blog: Beauty That Counts by kmcafee on 04-22-2013
    tagged: Mary Kay Ash, Pink Doing Green, CSR, Sustainability, recycling, Earth Day, environment
  • Happy Earth Day!

    Today is the day that we celebrate Mother Earth. I'm thankful that we've decided to set aside a day to honor our planet and to reflect on sustainability in the environment, however, every day should be Earth Day. After all, it is the only Earth that we have. Many people will be out doing special...
    Posted to Rhonda Shasteen by admin on 04-22-2009
    tagged: Mary Kay, recycling, Earth Day, environment


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