It’s no secret that Mary Kay Ash was a firm believer in preserving our precious and limited resources for future generations. With our fast-paced lives and rushing from one thing to the next, how can we possibly make time to “Save the Earth” on top of finding thoughtful gifts for all the birthdays/holidays we can hardly remember, grocery shopping, family obligations… I feel like I’m forgetting something… and everything else?

Thanks to our Pink Doing Green™ efforts here at The Mary Kay Building and each of our facilities, we are taking the “guess work” out of how we as a company can be a friend to Mother Earth. From our biodegradable packing peanuts and water conservation efforts at our manufacturing plants, to planting over 1 million trees worldwide through our Caps and Cases program and achieving zero landfill status, Mary Kay Inc. takes conservation and sustainability seriously, because frankly, it’s no leafing matter. (ba-dum-bum ching)



As a positively or negatively contributing guest on this planet, believe it or not, there are barely noticeable choices you can swap out each day that can make a huge impact on the environment over time. As you think about honoring Earth Day tomorrow, will you be filling up a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle or cracking open a plastic bottle? Will you be hitting the trails for a nice outdoor stroll or driving around town adding unnecessary emissions in the air? See? It’s really not that difficult or time consuming when you take a second to think about your single impact on the environment. Now imagine if everyone in the world – all 7.125 billion of us – made similar healthy choices for the Earth.

Here are a few swap-out ideas you can try this Earth Day (and all year long) that you won’t even notice you’re doing differently, but can make a big difference to the Earth:

  1. Swap a plastic bottle out for a reusable, eco-friendly bottle  
  2. Ditch driving around town out for a nice bike ride or walk outside
  3. Replace a 20-minute shower with a 5-minute shower to conserve water  
  4. Switch plastic grocery bags out for your own reusable bags
  5. Trade a roll of paper towels for a clean dish towel

What are some other quick and easy swap-outs you can do to be more environmentally friendly?

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