Today we celebrate and honor a woman near and dear to my heart, Mary Kay Ash. The first time I heard her speak was to a group of sales force leaders in 1996, just a few months after I started here as a staff attorney.  I was there to observe and learn.  I came away inspired.  I realized on that day that she was a special person. Now, some 20 years later, I know just how extraordinary and remarkable she really was.   

She started her dream company in 1963, and her vision was to offer women unmatched opportunities for financial independence, advancement and personal success.  She understood the importance of recognizing other’s accomplishments.  What I love and can truly appreciate is that her legacy, her teachings and the culture she created remains the same within our company today.  

It’s pretty awesome to think that she laid the groundwork for millions of women in nearly 40 countries and from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs in control of their own futures.  Today you see the values Mary Kay Ash established still being honored and practiced around the world.  I’m certain she would be proud to see that her legacy lives on in her company…one of the largest direct sales companies in the world.

I am inspired daily and grateful to her for establishing a legacy of leadership and caring that continues to live through you, our independent sales force. I believe with every fiber of my being that there is no better place than Mary Kay to achieve your dreams.  And, there is no better Company on the planet!  Happy birthday, Mary Kay!

In honor of Mary Kay Ash’s birthday, please share how she has inspired you!

Nathan Moore

President of Mary Kay North America