While in many countries Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day, Mary Kay Ash never bought into those superstitions. In fact, she spent her life savings to start her Mary Kay business on Friday, Sept. 13, 1963. 

Outside the Mary Kay world, Friday, the 13th can be scary. You might find people with higher-than-normal anxiety. Some refuse to fly. Others won’t do business. For us at Mary Kay, instead of being unlucky, 13 has always been our Company’s lucky number. Inside the Mary Kay world, you’ll find grand openings, anniversaries, and celebrations. For instance, over the years several subsidiaries were opened on the 13th of the month, including Canada, Russia, Mexico, Czech Republic and Colombia. 

Turns out, the number 13 is all a matter of perspective, right?

Mary Kay had a way of seeing the good instead of the bad. When others saw opposition, she saw opportunities. When others felt discouraged, she found determination. When others made excuses, she excelled. 


On Friday the 13th, Mary Kay Ash went against cultural superstitions. She went on to be the 13th inductee into the Direct Selling Association’s Hall of Fame. She also received 
the 13th Entrepreneur of the Year Award from SMU.

Another interesting fact… The Mary Kay Building in Dallas also affirms our love for the number 13. When Mary Kay bought the building, the number 13 didn’t show up on elevators. Instead, it showed “penthouse.” Of course, Mary Kay changed that. Her office was always on the 13th floor, where you can see it today. The Mary Kay Building even has 13 elevators. 

Have you been listening to some cultural superstitions? Every country has them. What are they? Tell us how you plan to overcome!