True confession:  I love mascara.  I am a mascara lover.  In fact, I love it so much that if I had to, and I mean there was absolutely no other alternative, I would leave the house without foundation (gasp!) as long as I had mascara on.  I know, I know.  I’ll give you a minute.  It’s a lot to take in. 

History is on my side when it comes to a love for lashes.  The pyramid-building Egyptians used kohl and ointments to darken their lashes.  Ancient Roman women used kohl and burnt cork on their lashes.  Then there were all the homemade concoctions (lampblack, anyone?) that women used on their lashes until the 1800's when Eugène Rimmel invented a product that we would recognize today as mascara.

Since February is the month of love, and in honor of National Lash Day, I thought I’d celebrate my love for mascara.  Mascara, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways…

I love you when I’m feeling like lashes for days.  I reach for Lash Intensity® Mascara, and it’s like I have the thickness of two lashes for every one.

I love you when I’m feeling like big, bold, separated lashes.  That’s when Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ comes out of the makeup bag.

And I love you when I’m feeling like defined lashes that look naturally flawless. Lash Love® Mascara that’s your time to shine.

So whichever formula is your favorite, or if you’re like me and you have a mascara for every mood, I hope you’ll join me in raising a wand on National Lash Day and declare your love for lashes. Tell us, which mascara is your favorite?