We’re so proud to enrich the lives of women in nearly 40 countries around the world, where consumers love our Mary Kay® products. We get to be an integral part of different cultures and traditions, and we learn from each other – in both personal and professional ways! This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our colleagues in Russia, Mexico, China and the United States to share how they celebrate the occasion in their respective countries!

Anastasiya Eropkina, Mary Kay Russia

New Year’s Day is the most important holiday in Russia! We celebrate the New Year at home with our families. And, traditionally, every festive table must have Olivier salad and mandarins! Did you know that Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are the symbols of New Year and winter in Russia? Other traditions include sledging, fireworks, modeling snowmen, playing snowballs and visiting Christmas fairs.

Arely Valdivia, Mary Kay Mexico

In Mexico, posadas are an important part of our Christmas traditions. Celebrated from December 16 to 24, this religious celebration symbolizes the story of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem to search for a shelter while awaiting the birth of baby Jesus. The festivities start with a procession where participants hold candles and sing Christmas carols. Individuals either play the parts of Mary and Joseph or they carry images representing them. The procession ends with a celebration inside someone’s home – usually with tamales and a hot drink such as ponche (punch) or atole (chocolate). 

Angel Sun, Mary Kay China

Christmas is not so much of a big deal as the Chinese New Year in China. Young parents usually prepare gifts for kids, but families don’t have big celebrations at home. The interesting thing is, more and more shopping malls showcase beautiful Christmas decorations. Mary Kay China will celebrate Christmas with employees with a live band, snacks, manicure, makeup services and more!

Megan, Gregg, Mary Kay Inc.

Christmas is always a magical time in our family! Now that my two brothers and I are grown up and live out of the house, the holidays are a reunion of sorts. My parents live in Austin, Texas and always decorate the house beautifully . . . believe it or not, Santa still visits us (it is probably because my mom is a Master Christmas Tree Decorator!)! We usually attend 5pm Christmas Eve mass before heading over to our Aunt’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner party. On Christmas morning, we wake up and eat pastries, egg nog, and coffee before we “get down to business” opening presents! I know in movies you see living room floors strewn with wrapping paper and boxes; however, in our family, my Dad has one rule: No one gets to open another present before their torn off wrapping paper is in a black trash bag! (Bah Humbug genes seem to exist on my dad’s side of the family! Just kidding!). This year will be an extra special Christmas for me; my husband and I were married earlier this year so he will get to experience his first “Austin Haslam Christmas”! Bailey, our Boston Terrier, and I are so excited.