Before I share part 2 of “Getting into Gear”, I first want to thank all those who let me know that they found the first installment to be inspiring as they commit – or re-commit to their goals. I also appreciated some related advice folks added to the blog such as, “Know when to put the brakes on a bad situation or relationship” and “When you find that you’re lost or headed in the wrong direction, it’s okay to back up and turn around”.

So – back to G.E.A.R.S.!

“G” – is for Gas, or said another way, the fuel that will power your journey. Your fuel needs to be a high-octane blend of the time, passion, and effort you will use to power your goal. If you are low on your fuel, you won’t get very far. So how do you “fuel-up”? You re-assess your priorities to MAKE time for your goals. (Time can be lost, but it can never be “found”!)  Your passion comes from a powerful “why” – the reason the achievement of your goal is so very important. Finally, effort kicks in when you recognize that excuses and doubts cause ‘traffic jams’ that you can avoid. 

“E” – is for Engine.  An engine is a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion. Likewise, we are human machines with hearts, brains, and desires that can convert the power of our dreams into actions. We each possess all the power that we need to achieve all that we want. Picture your success and make that your “ignition key” – the key that ignites your passion and converts your power into action!

“A” – is for Accelerator.  In a car, the accelerator controls the speed of a vehicle. But an accelerator is also a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop quickly. Often our goals are tied to a team goal, so we need to be the accelerators for others. As Mary Kay Ash so often said, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang!”  You are the CEEEO - Chief Energy, Enthusiasm & Encouragement Officer!

“R” – is for Road Map and Road Signs. Every goal needs a roadmap, i.e. a plan for what you will do – or not do – to achieve your goal. You plan your work, then work your plan.

There are three types of road signs. First, there are those which tell you how far (or close!) you are to your destination. Be sure to create these types of progress signs for yourself and your team. Celebrate weekly and monthly goal achievements as you progress to your big goal. Secondly, there are signs that help you avoid dangerous conditions, hazards, road closures, etc. To put it simply – pay attention to warning signs, particularly those concerning your health. Third, there are signs that highlight attractions along the way. As we drive toward our goals, it is important that we take time to enjoy the memories and moments on the road.

“S” – is for Steering Wheel. You are the driver of your destiny. Your hands are on the wheel and YOU are in control of your direction. Don’t listen to back-seat drivers who can’t see what you see. Their view, therefore their vision, is limited, so don’t let them put their limits on your goals and aspirations!  Also, be careful of people who want to come along “just for the ride.” On your goal journey, you need passengers that will help you navigate successfully!

2018 is going to be amazing! So, make the shift and drive toward the success that you deserve! You can do it!!

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