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“More than ever, the world we inhabit demands that we, as women, be all things. Strong yet feminine, nurturing yet stoic, seductive yet demure.” - Tracy Reese in the show notes for her FW17 presentation held during New York Fashion Week on Sunday, February 12. 

Once again, Mary Kay had the pleasure to serve as official makeup sponsor for celebrated designer, Tracy Reese.  This season, Reese brought the diversity of women to life with her Fall 2017 presentation. Featuring inclusive sizing, the bold, multi-faceted collection included daring patterns, rich metallics, and bold silhouettes, truly embodying the Tracy Reese woman. “The Fall 2017 collection is a celebration of the many facets of womanhood. To see women from diverse backgrounds with unique points of view inspires me to continue to create beautiful pieces that will serve tirelessly as they navigate the world around them. This collection is an ode to the strength and beauty of the feminine spirit.” – Tracy Reese.  Reese and Mary Kay Global Beauty Ambassador Luis Casco worked together to create a look built to enhance each woman’s natural beauty featuring strong brows, metallic eyes and freckles. Yes, freckles! Using the Mary Kay Brow Pencil, Casco was able to artfully dot each model’s nose and cheeks with an unexpected splattering of freckles – a nod to the unique features, both physical and internal, that makes a woman beautiful.  When interviewed backstage about the look, he said, “Makeup allows you to be your own artist. It’s a form of self-expression, and a way to celebrate one’s own unique beauty. Because it’s not permanent, it allows for risk-taking, which leads to self-discovery.”

Nina Garcia, Marie Claire’s Creative Director and star of Project Runway, was seen backstage chatting with Casco before the presentation.  Speaking about the palpable excitement, she said, “(Tracy Reese is) one of the most anticipated shows of Fashion Week because Tracy herself has such a following.”

The Tracy Reese official mission statement is to make every woman feel beautiful. And that is why our partnership with Tracy Reese makes so much sense, season after season.