If you like music, cheering for up-and-coming musicians and seeing Mary Kay looking amazing (all while making these young, up-and-coming stars look amazing, too), you need to take a minute to check out Ukraine's 2018 season of The Voice, or Holos Krainy.

In addition to getting to see some of Ukraine's top new talent, you'll see Mary Kay® products back stage that helped create some amazing star-worthy looks for the contestants. On the television broadcasts, you will also see Mary Kay featured ​in a dynamic "bumper" video before and after each block of ads, in pop-up graphics and integrated throughout the show’s backstage. On YouTube, you can also see the bumper video incorporated with each performance video (like this one from the quarter-finals), in addition to a dedicated Mary Kay/The Voice ad​ featured on the show's YouTube channel:

This isn't MK Ukraine's first season with The Voice. In fact, its involvement with the show has deepened each year. Being featured on such a well-known and well-followed TV show on a leading Ukrainian TV channel has provided amazing exposure for the Mary Kay® brand. This opportunity tremendously enhances our brand position as a modern and prestigious company and helps popularize Mary Kay®​ products even more effectively for the beautiful women of Ukraine.

Check out some of the pictures from the show!