It's May the Fourth - the perfect day to refocus on goals and re-energize the efforts to accomplish those goals.

Here's how I approach my goals with full force:

F = FOCUS! May Kay Ash consistently taught the power of a “Six Most Important Things to Do Today List." This simple habit can create a daily discipline that facilitates the consistent achievement of success one day at a time. 

O = OPTIMISM! You’ve heard it before – “What you think about, comes about!” Optimism is the ability to see possibilities within problems, and opportunities within obstacles.  It’s doesn’t mean pretending that everything is perfect.  Rather, it’s about making the most of and the best of what you have.

R = RESILIENCE! It’s not about how many times we trip, slip or fall. What matters is how well we bounce back and get up. Life is full of second, third and fourth chances if we choose to take them.

C = CONFIDENCE! When you believe in you, others will do the same! Confidence is the perfect accessory for any outfit – so don’t leave home without it!

E = ENERGY! Each of us is a C.E.O. – Chief Energy Officer. We each have the power to determine the energy and enthusiasm that we bring into our lives and into the lives of others.

2017 is going to be AMAZING! May the F.O.R.C.E be with you!