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For Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Lindsey Mills, roadracing is her outlet.  While some people relieve stress through yoga or reading books, Lindsey is most at peace on a racetrack traveling at insane speeds that may make the rest of us scared out of our minds.  Not Lindsey. 

“I consume it, I soak it up.  I become a part of my bike.  When I’m on a racetrack, nothing else exists but me, that bike and the track.”

Lindsey grew up racing.  She got her first dirt bike at age seven, started racing derby cars when she was 11 and took on motocross in college.  Her love of racing led to a career in the luxury automotive and motorcycle business.  For 12 years, Lindsey thrived on the challenge of being successful in a male-dominated industry but she yearned to make a change and it just so happened on her wedding day. 

“Mary Kay found me at my wedding reception when I met my husband’s extended family.  My new cousin-in-law drove up in a beautiful, shiny pink Cadillac.  She radiated joy and was funny, smart and cute and a successful Mary Kay Independent Sales Director.  In my wedding dress, I asked her if she could meet me the next day for coffee to tell me more about the Mary Kay opportunity.  I think she was more shocked than anyone!”

Since then, Lindsey has been blazing her own path.  Both figuratively and literally.  She gave up her corporate job and less than two years after starting her own Mary Kay business, Lindsey is now an Independent Sales Director working her business full-time.

“I fell in love with the freedom and flexibility of this business.  I fell in love with having hope for the future as an entrepreneur.  Gaining personal and professional growth, there’s no limit to what you can do. I love that anyone who wants it, who is eager, can grow and be better.” 

Until she started her Mary Kay business, Lindsey says she never correlated her daily life to racing but now finds more similarities than differences. 

“In the racing world, each track is different, each has its own set of challenges just like a typical day in my Mary Kay work.  When I’m racing and pushing my body and mind to the limits, I can’t look off track.  I have to stay focused.  I put that same intense laser focus in my Mary Kay business.  I have a lot of learning to do but I’m excited about the path to get there and I know I’ll only grow stronger and smarter and help other women along the way.” 

Keep racing towards the finish line, Lindsey!  We’re cheering you on all the way!